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iSpecs: Apple to design 3D glasses/iPod unholy combination

13 Apr

For some strange reason, Apple is under the delusion that we might want to mount an iPod in front of our faces to watch movies in 3D.

Yes, Apple has received a patent for what was previously thought to be, according to the Daily Mail, an April Fools joke.

I guess the joke’s on us, we’ll buy anything with a lower case ‘i’ in front of it.


So Many Questions

6 Apr

A tweet from @BreakingNews:

Police arrest a man on weapons charges in the shooting of two women during a brawl after the New York International Auto Show — AP

To start with, I really find the tweets from @BreakingNews to be both informative and generally quite funny.

This one though rasises more questions than it answers.

First off, who gets into a ‘brawl’ at an auto show? I mean, what was going on? They were arguing over the door handles on the new 2011 Kia?

Secondly, who brings a gun to an auto show? What is he a car rustler?

Lastly, was it really necessary to open fire over the Kia? Really?

And wait, he was arrested on weapons charges and not assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder?

The mind boggles.