23 Mar

30 days has September; April, June and Montana. All the rest have cold weather, except in summer, which isn’t often.

23 Mar

Pandora woke me up with a @WilliamShatner dramatic reading from Hamlet. Thanks Bill!

22 Mar

Finally woke up with a decent song stuck in my head, Hallelujah by John Cale. #stuckinmyhead

21 Mar

For some reason, I’ve got Axel F stuck in my head this morning.

20 Mar

Avoiding yardwork is hard work, but worth it. 🙂

14 Mar

Just got done watching The Informant • Odd little movie, but I liked it. Matt Damon was funny, tragic character though.

13 Mar

Art defined: 1. Take anything 2. Render it useless 3. Attach meaning to it