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So Many Questions

6 Apr

A tweet from @BreakingNews:

Police arrest a man on weapons charges in the shooting of two women during a brawl after the New York International Auto Show — AP

To start with, I really find the tweets from @BreakingNews to be both informative and generally quite funny.

This one though rasises more questions than it answers.

First off, who gets into a ‘brawl’ at an auto show? I mean, what was going on? They were arguing over the door handles on the new 2011 Kia?

Secondly, who brings a gun to an auto show? What is he a car rustler?

Lastly, was it really necessary to open fire over the Kia? Really?

And wait, he was arrested on weapons charges and not assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder?

The mind boggles.